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Melissa & Candy (one of our Broodmares) at the sign out front.

Growing up in a family of horse people this was the life I wanted
 for my daughters Melissa & Nikki Marshall.

  Looking Back..... Nikki with Vinni in 1992                      Melissa with Vinni 1995

  Melissa with Oliver & Rupert                        Nikki & Jenn
Click here for more Pic's of Melissa             Click here for more Pic's of Nikki

Melissa Marshall & Vinni (A Venture N Diamonds)

  Melissa & Candy Apr.2003

Melissa & Fire
  Melissa rides in Campbell Valley Pony Club above she is taking part in the Langley Days Parade with her pony "WildFire" (Fire), She also rode "Candy" through her first year of Pony Club. (Pictured above.) 

Melissa is now at the C2 level in Pony Club. 
One of her current mounts is Oliver Twist,
who is becoming a steady Hunter Jumper at 3' and 3'3" courses. 
He also is awesome at 3 day Eventing. 
Here are a few pictures of them.

2005 Oliver






Melissa is also currently riding    LANSING     a.k.a. "Rupert"
- a 17 hh TB Gelding by Musing.



Melissa's other love is PPG -(Prince Phillip Games) on horseback.
Another Division of Pony Club.

PPG Year 1 with Fire ' 2003

BC Lower Mainland "C" Champions 2003

    Mom with Melissa & "Fire" first year PPG spring 2003

PPG Years 2 & 3 with "Dixie" 2004 & 2005

     BC Lower Mainland "B" Champions 2004 & 2005

Dixie also loved to Jump !!

For PPG in 2006 Melissa rode "Candy"
and in 2007 Stephanie Roman's "Max").

Looking back........

Leanne at 3yrs. with her pony           Leanne at 4yrs. after winning her first
"Buttons" in the house for a              trophy in an 18 & under class at a show
Tea Party.  Mom we're ready.            in Victoria, B.C.

The Family with Schoolboy's Pixie.  L-R Mom (Eileen Petersen)
Curt, Clint (in the saddle), Leanne and Carl Petersen.

Eileen & Art Petersen (Mom & Dad) shown winning both 
divisions of the BCQHA 1979 Yearling Halter Futurities  
with Hyline Secret (fillies) and Hyline Pepper (colts).

A Memorial Bench for Art & Eileen Petersen was erected at
The Spirit of the Horse Memorial Garden in beautiful Campbell
Valley Park, Langley, B.C.

Leanne sitting on the "Petersen" bench.

A close-up of the inscription on the bench.

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Click here for a Memorial magazine article on Eileen Petersen.

The Spirit of the Horse Memorial Garden in beautiful Campbell
Valley Park, Langley, B.C.

The entrance to the Spirit of the Horse Memorial Garden
showing the Memorial Wall in the Background.


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